gPodder as a media subscription manager

Posted on November 14, 2020

As we re-discover the value of Atom/RSS feeds, most useful feed clients I know of don’t support media, specifically audio and video.

gPodder does.

It is mostly know as a desktop podcatcher. But the thing about podcasts is that the feed is provided through an RSS/Atom feed. So you can just use gPodder as your media feed client, where you have control of what you look at.

I audio and video providers I know of offer an RSS/Atom view of their content, so you can, say, treat any YouTube channel like a feed on its own.

gPodder will then managed your feeds, watched/unwatched, queue downloads, etc.

Being obvious now, it was a big finding for me. If it got you interested, I recommend you giving gPodder a try.