BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mainv2: <link /> to rel="{prev,next}" in <head> of collection itemsEuAndreh8 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2023-04-10v2: <link /> to rel="{prev,next}" in <head> of collection itemsHEADmainEuAndreh8-3/+155
2023-04-10v2: <link /> to collection feed inside <head>EuAndreh10-74/+81
2023-04-10v2: <link /> to translated version in <head />EuAndreh5-16/+37
2023-04-09v2: Support translated alternates in <nav>EuAndreh13-52/+282
2023-04-09v2: CSS dark mode, including SVGsEuAndreh13-35/+100
2023-04-08v2: i18n of the collection name, "article" collection in rootEuAndreh31-200/+925
2023-04-08v2: src/lib/: Unmark things as executableEuAndreh3-0/+0
2023-04-08v2: Generate collections index.html pages and their "by-category" equivalentsEuAndreh47-155/+1049
2023-04-06v2: src/bin/html: Turn extract_plaintext_snippets() into a () functionEuAndreh1-37/+34
2023-04-06v2: Add support for src/redirect.mappings via symlinksEuAndreh2-2/+10