Browse a git repository at a specific commit

Posted on August 14, 2020

I commonly use tools like git log together with git show when inspecting past changes in a repository:

git log
# search for a the commit I'm looking for
git show <my-commit>
# see the diff for the commit

But I also wanted to not only be able to look at the diff of a specific commit, but to browse the whole repository at that specific commit.

I used to accomplish it the “brute force” way: clone the whole repository in another folder and checkout the commit there:

git clone <original-repo> /tmp/tmp-repo-clone
cd /tmp-repo-clone
git checkout <my-commit>

But git itself allows we to specific the directory of the checkout by using the --work-tree global git flag. This is what man git says about it:

    Set the path to the working tree. It can be an absolute path or a path relative to the current working
    directory. This can also be controlled by setting the GIT_WORK_TREE environment variable and the
    core.worktree configuration variable (see core.worktree in git-config(1) for a more detailed

So it allows us to set the desired path of the working tree. So if we want to copy the contents of the current working tree into copy/:

mkdir copy
git --work-tree=copy/ checkout .

After that copy/ will contain a replica of the code in HEAD. But to checkout a specific, we need some extra parameters:

git --work-tree=<dir> checkout <my-commit> -- .

There’s an extra -- . at the end, which initially looks like we’re sending Morse signals to git, but we’re actually saying to git-checkout which sub directory of <my-commit> we want to look at. Which means we can do something like:

git --work-tree=<dir> checkout <my-commit> -- src/

And with that <dir> will only contain what was inside src/ at <commit>.

After any of those checkouts, you have to git reset . to reset your current staging area back to what it was before the checkout.


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